Objective and Scope


The Anatolian Journal of Health Research is an independent journal that evaluates manuscripts with the principle of "double-blind" review. The main objective of the journal is to publish scientifically high-quality, interventional or non-interventional, quantitative or qualitative original research articles, review articles and case reports that may contribute to the relevant literature not only in the field of health but also with interdisciplinary studies.


The Anatolian Journal of Health Research started its publication life in 2020, and it is published in the electronic environment 3 times a year (in four-month intervals in April, August and December). The languages of publication of the journal are Turkish and English.  

The Anatolian Journal of Health Research is a journal that focuses on several fields of health including midwifery, child development, nursing, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, audiology, nutrition and dietetics, social services, disaster management, gerontology, health management, medical sciences, pharmacy and dentistry. Moreover, it includes academic studies conducted for fields such as children’s, family, women’s, adult and public health.

Anatolian Journal of Health Research gives priority to publications on "women's health, mother-child health and child development".